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Nowadays the basic furnishings of any home include a mirror in the bathroom and toilet. And perhaps it’s precisely because it’s such an everyday item that it doesn’t get the attention it deserves: the person using it focuses on their reflection and barely notices the mirror itself. But that’s not how we see it: in our opinion, a mirror is full of possibilities. For one thing, it’s an object that influences the feel of the space and serves as a focal point of the bathroom design. For another, many modern mirrors are highly technical elements that can be controlled via Bluetooth or digital assistants to create different lighting moods in your bathroom, depending on requirements. So as you can see, there are plenty of good reasons for looking into bathroom mirrors with fresh eyes. We offer a wide selection of models that will bathe your bathroom in the perfect light. And what’s more, our mirrors are perfect for putting on make-up or straightening your tie as well – promise!

Bathroom mirrors with lighting

The illuminated mirror is available in a variant with an integrated LED strip light behind the glass or a top-mounted LED light, or as a combination of mirror and shelf with a slightly projecting horizontal light at the top that conveniently illuminates both the user’s face and the shelf beneath. The cleverly designed mirror shelf with hooks, a power socket and a hairdryer holder provides practical additional features and opens up some attractive design options. For visual reasons, the bathroom mirror should not be significantly wider than the basin or vanity unit. burgbad offers a wide selection of models to ensure that your bathroom mirror harmonises with the other furnishing elements and makes the most of the individual space situation.

Round. Rectangular. Square.

With integrated (and in some cases individually adjustable) LED lighting that illuminates the mirror, the basin or even the entire room perfectly, burgbad’s LED mirrors are ideal for creating ambience in the bathroom. To suit your taste, your style and your needs. Because it’s available with the corresponding protection classes, LED lighting is particularly suitable for use in spaces where humidity is omnipresent – in the bathroom, for instance.

LED ambient lighting

The indirect LED lighting not only shines upwards but down towards the basin as well. The long-lasting, energy-efficient and dimmable LED lights are integrated into the mirror frame and sit flush with the edge. The combined effect: an understated design that bathes your bathroom in a pleasant light.

Ultramodern lighting controls

The illuminated mirror is equipped with ultramodern lighting controls that can be used to create different lighting moods. The colour temperature can be individually adjusted, allowing the light to be varied between warm and cold white.

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Round mirror with lighting

The circular wall mirror with LED-illuminated frame, integrated heating and sensor-based controls is simple, elegant and right on trend. The version with rounded corners and integrated LED lighting is available in six widths. The circular shape softens the severity of the angular forms that tend to dominate in bathrooms due to the tiled floors and walls. As a result, the round mirrors are a compelling blend of aesthetics and functionality – the perfect choice for any bathroom.

Organic asymmetry

The geometric form of the rectangle meets the circle, resulting in a stunningly beautiful combination: a wonderfully soft-looking mirror that seems to hover almost weightlessly in mid-air thanks to the LED lighting around its perimeter. The rectangular bathroom mirror topped with an illuminated canopy is equally sophisticated and provides gentle downward light.

Custom-sized bathroom mirrors

When the bathroom presents non-standard challenges such as a sloping ceiling, individualists are called for. Mirrors in customisable heights and widths provide an ideal solution – and are available with the option of a slanted edge to ensure a perfect fit with the individual measurements of the room. What’s more, custom-sized wall mirrors provide individual solutions to lighting requirements too: they are available with horizontal LED lighting as well as various attractive top-mounted lights.


Different heights and widths for maximum flexibility: our selection of round and right-angled bathroom mirrors with LED lighting covers a wide range of different measurements. The rectangular and square illuminated mirrors come in widths of 36 – 200cm. The round bathroom mirrors are available with a diameter of between 30 – 90cm.

The wall mirror for small bathrooms

Illuminated mirror: large mirrored surfaces make the guest bathroom feel bigger – cleverly accentuated by the integrated LED lighting on the upper edge or the parallel strip light at the bottom.