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Here, you will find the answers to questions that we are asked particularly frequently.

What installation heights do you recommend for burgbad bathroom furniture?

Every burgbad delivery comes with detailed installation instructions that indicate the recommended installation height.

At what height must the electrical connections for a burgbad mirror/mirror cabinet be installed?

1650 mm from the finished floor and centred behind the mirror or mirror cabinet. Detailed information is available in the installation instructions, included in every burgbad delivery.

What types of furniture care products may I use for my burgbad mirror or mirror cabinet?

The proper care instructions are included with every burgbad mirror or mirror cabinet, and are also available from your specialist dealer.

How should I care for my burgbad mineral cast washbasin?

Please use a mild liquid cleanser, no abrasives. You can find out more in the care instructions provided with your washbasin or from your specialist dealer.

Is there a set of general care instruction that apply to all burgbad products?

Every burgbad delivery comes with a detailed care instruction.
You can also find the care instructions on the website here. To care instructions.

Are custom-made elements also available from burgbad?

Custom-made orders are available to various extents, depending on the programme you have selected. Please consult your sanitary supplies dealer, who can give you more detailed information, including price information.
You can find specialist burgbad dealers in your area here. To retailer search.

What are the delivery periods for burgbad products?

Generally, the delivery period amounts to approximately 4-8 weeks ex  factory. During plant holidays, delivery periods are accordingly longer.

What guarantees are issued by burgbad?

burgbad guarantees your bathroom furnishings for a period of five years from the invoice date. By simply registering online, you can extend this guarantee period by a further five years to 10 years.

Where can I purchase burgbad bathroom furniture?

In specialist bathroom stores. You can find a dealer or showroom in your area by using our dealer search. This is available online. The wholesale showroom advising you will also be happy to give you the details of suitable specialist craftsmen in your area.

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